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    from almost a decade is successfully managing transportation and building machines export from the countries comprising Benelux and Germany for the Eastern european countries Bulgaria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine and others.

  • Allocation
    our headoffice is located on the Belgian-Dutch border In the city of Tilburg (the Breda-Eindhoven district) this location allows us great promptness in all directions Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg.
    All big cities such as Amsterdam, Aachen, Bruxelles, Dortmund are situated at a 120 km distance at most from the headoffice.

  • Clients
    We have our clients personified by a number of corporations, transportation and leasing companies,
    physical people and merchants from Europe and Asia.
    The furthest point at which we have delivered machinery?
    that is Magadan, situated at a 17000 km distance from the head office.

By choosing us, You choose:

  • Leasing of new and secondhand trucks and building machines
  • Delivery in accordance with a specific order we leave at your disposal the truck you are looking for
  • Selection of transportation and building machinery by the corporations working with them, thanks to our contacts at long standing with many partners from Western Europe
  • Formalizing of all documents necessary to carry out the transaction, securitisation of its legal orrectness
  • Granting a full document set: Transit numbers, insurance, transit license, customs formatting, opening of TIR carnet, Certificate Euro 1 and Cemt Certificate
  • Reception in all points situated in Belgium and the Netherlands, and in the closest to the borders stations
  • A team of a highly qualified specialists fluent in different European languages feel ready to help you

  • If you cant find what you need on our site, you should call and in the shortest period possible we will find what is suitable for you

  • Our mission is purcahsing of a transportation machinery to be a profitable investment of our clients capital

  • In brief a full services. From the reception to the sending together with the purchased transportation machinery

  • If you are interested in our offer write us or call us - our team will serve you promptly

Work with the professionalists!


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